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Friday, April 8, 2011

Fluffy Fridays- A Poem for Hawaii

I lied, a little. This is not so fluffy, but it is also not as heavy as some of my other stuff and it explains one of the reasons that Hawaii is special to me and my family. My husband and I also honeymooned in Hawaii, so now the Islands have strong personal significance for us, but there were stronger connections before then. My grandfather, after a long, successful career in the merchant marines was a cruise ship captain to the Hawaiian Islands before he died. My parents got to visit the islands on his ship as did my grandmother. There is a beautiful picture of the 2 of them on the ship, him in his Captain's Uniform, her in a lovely Mumu, taken a little before he got sick. Tall, proud, and strong, that is how I remember my Grandfather the best.

 So here is a little poem written to them.

Oh Islands,
So symbolic for me of the grandfather I lost,
the brave ship's captain who trekked your waters,
and the long-lost love of my grandmother,
who to this day photographs lighthouses in remembrance of you.

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