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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Earlier Today

Better places, better times
smiles, relief, and quite a ride-
I like the way the world so shines
with hope on the horizon's tide.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Just Can’t Seem to Keep The Kitchen Clean

I have a master’s degree,
I’m part of an honor’s society,

And my sense of analysis is keen,

But for some reason, I just can’t seem

To keep my kitchen clean.

I work all day,

I watch the money,

I try to take care of my Honey,

But for some reason, I just can’t seem

To keep my kitchen clean.

I feed the dogs,

I go to the gym,

I try to stay pretty and slim,

But for some reason, I just can’t seem

To keep my kitchen clean.

I make the dinner,

Fold the clothes,

Mentor the youth and share their loads,

But for some reason I just can’t seem

To keep my kitchen clean.

I slave over plates and scrub the pans,

Feeling the grease slide on my hands,

Stack and dry and sweep and plan,

I can do all this so why does it seem,

I can never keep my kitchen clean?

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Glass Ceiling is Broken

We lived happily in our contained, safe, snowglobe of a world.

Sure, there was a storm everyonce in a while, and sometimes the
world got turned upside down. But these crises were predictable and
after they were over, our world always returned to its stable rest.

Now, the glass is broken, and the staples of our youth are splattered on the floor.
We used to be side by side, and now, I do not seem to know when you will turn up again.

There is no more protection from the outside world.
Anything can happen, now, and we can be separated.
No more are the predictable, safe storms of our youth-
Now we are out in the cold, inexplicable world,
and nothing can restore.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hooray for Old People at the Gym!

I have been (so far successfully) trying to offset Holiday eating by increasing gym time from my paltry weekly visit back to 3/4 times a week. I go in the mornings when it is not very crowded, and there are many old people there. I don't mean slightly old people, although there are some of them there, too. I mean old people in their 70s and 80s, possibly older. I see them industriously exercising their muscles and doing cardio, and I am impressed! Husbands and wives come together and exercise parallel to one another. They are faithful, consistent, motivated, and cheerful! Oh, to still be going to the gym when I am 80, keeping the muscles moving.