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Thursday, February 17, 2011

How Was Therapy For You? Feedback Would Be Appreciated!

So, I would like some feedback from readers.
I work in a profession where people's reactions are a mixed bag. Hypothetically, we would like everyone who comes to therapy to love it with all their hearts and be helped by it. But that doesn't always happen. Some people hate therapy, or at least what their experience in therapy has been. Some people feel ambivalence, even guilt over "needing therapy," even when it worked and was a pleasant experience. I myself have gotten a lot out of therapy when I attended, but my twin sister did not have the same experience.

What about you? If you have attended therapy, what did you think of it. If you chose against therapy at some point in your life, how come?

Your answers will help me better understand what works for people, and with what perceptions my clients are walking into my office.


  1. You can't be everything to all people. There are as many different types of therapists as there are different people who have different problems. But it is rewarding when there is a match.

  2. Can't help you here as I've never had therapy, but then here in Jamaica, we don't take our mental health as seriously as we should.

  3. I wish I could go back and have maybe a different therapist. Sometimes I think it would help a lot when it comes to certain times in life, like taking a new job, or having your students die. But for me to get to the act of saying, 'I need therapy' would take some serious longterm depression. It would take a lot.

  4. Thank you guys for your feedback!