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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Living for Christ- The Widow's Mite.

We are so blessed to have a God who knows the hearts and minds of His saints. In human terms, the flashier, more dramatic your ministry, the better! We give Billy Graham and Rick Warren accolades, and assume that their sacrificial life lived for God is of more value than the desperate Bivocational preacher whose church is struggling to survive, or the Sunday School Teacher who has been working with 2 and 3 year olds for 40 years. Yet God does not measure our worth in scalps, in who appears to have the greatest number of conversions or miracles under their belt. God is equally glorified in the Widow's mite as He is in the healings of the apostles. He is glorified in a quiet, steadfast, obedient life, just as He is in the extravagant shows of miraculous power that He calls some of his people to. He is glorified by the family who chooses to stay at their church even though there is a crisis, because God has called them to stay. He is glorified by the pastor who stays at his post even though the church will never pay him enough to live comfortably. He is glorified by the little old ladies who pray faithfully at Wednesday night prayer service for the infirmed, and for the salvation of their grandchildren. He is glorified by the couple who sticks through a difficult patch in their marriage because they entered a covenant with God and they will remain faithful to their promise. He is glorified by daily, quiet prayer and Bible reading.

I hope this is a helpful reminder to you, if the miracles God has called you to seem small, or hardly miraculous at all- He asks us to be willing to be unglamorous, as Christ himself was willing to do, to glorify His name.

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