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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why I do what I do

I resent giving you the best years of my life.
I resent that in my prime I am sitting in an office counting away the hours.
I resent that you are slowly eating away my youth.

Then I remember why I do what I do-
I do not do it for you.
I do it for my family, the one that's coming,
and for my husband, so he can do what he is called to do.
I do it for God, who placed me where I am,
and I do it for myself, because I wanted to make a difference.

So when I begin to resent the precious hours you take from me,
I remember that I have given them freely,
and I didn't do it for you.


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  2. You say, "I do it for my family, the one that's coming." Who is this one who is coming? Is there something you need to tell me? Because if there is, I need to be 2nd to know!

  3. no one is coming yet, silly:). but sometime in the next 2 years someone will be coming! (Don't worry, you will know after Dave knows. We have already discussed this)