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Monday, September 13, 2010


I know I'll see you again,
but a lifetime is too long.
How long will it be? 60 years?
At 26, that feels like eternity.

Is this what will happen as I get older?
The people I love begin to leave?
And the older I get, more and more
I'll lose to heaven's shores?

No wonder the oldest of the old seek Home,
for they know the truth-
you can't be truly home without the people you love
and a lifetime's a long time to wait.

So I don't cry for you, I cry for me,
because I know you are healthy and happy.
But save me a place at your table,
because I'll be with you again,
and 60 years will have vanished into eternity.


  1. this is very beautiful, Carolyn. I especially love the line, "save me a place at your table."

  2. Carolyn are you talking about Grandpa? Mamasita

  3. yes mom, I'm talking about grandpa:).
    Thanks Sandy:). Sometimes I feel like I could write poetry about him forever.