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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Poem to my clients

I'm sorry you haven't been loved enough-
I wish I could turn the clock back and make things right.

The things you have been through-
no wonder you cry and scream against the night.

I cannot blame you, but I want to help you
get off this destructive roller coaster ride.

Please let me help you relieve some of the pain-
it'll be easier with someone at your side.

I wish I could give you peace and joy and hope for this sadness's end
but all I can do is humbly, kindly, be your friend.


  1. I think that is all any of us can do. But thanks for being there to walk people through the tough times. I think it could be very difficult . I would just want to say " Hey don't Worry , Be happy!"

  2. sometimes I would like to say that, too:).