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Monday, November 1, 2010

Heaven and Hell

I am a Christian. I believe there is a heaven and a hell, and they are very real. I believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven, and we cannot get there on our own.

I live in a world, however, that moves along as though neither heaven nor hell exists. Sometimes I have trouble remembering them, too, because I am so focused on now. Plus, I don't always know what to do about them, other than to pray, pray, pray for the lost and for opportunities to witness to my friends, coworkers, and clients in any way I can.

I have a confession- I have never been able to lead any of my friends to Christ through a conversation. The times I have tried have gone badly. I have been able to encourage my youth to accept Christ, to pray with folks at altar calls who have walked forward after having prayed to accept Christ, and to proclaim him through song, written word, and lifestyle. But the witnessing opportunities with my coworkers are few and far between- in the therapy business we are respecting each other to hell! And it is not that I haven't tried. I have. But for some reason, I don't get to see people's conversions at work, and that troubles me. I pray for opportunities to share, I share when I can even when I'm scared, but I think I'm still holding back because my opinions are unpopular, and I don't know quite how to segue past the general conversations we have to personal ones about faith and what they actually believe.

I envy folks who seem to lead people around them to Christ so easily. What are they doing that I am not? I don't want my coworkers to go to hell, but since I don't get to see them change and come to Christ, I wonder if I am really doing all I can do. What am I neglecting, that I'm not seeing miraculous change around me?

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