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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just Keep Swimming!

A Picture of Perserverance
 One of my favorite films is Disney’s “Finding Nemo.” In this film, there is a character named Dory who reminds the other characters to “just keep swimming” when things go awry or they don’t know where to turn. One of my weaknesses- and I am confident I’m not alone in this- is quitting too soon and assuming that it won’t work if I keep trying. Lately, however, I have been reminded in the least productive of places to “just keep swimming” and keep working at it in my personal and professional life.

I consider playing video and computer games a time waster. But recently, they have helped me make a discovery. You see, up until now, I avoided strategy games, because I felt inadequate if I couldn't figure them out right away. I was supposed to be one of the “smart” kids, but I stink at Chess, Debate, Risk, Rubix Cubes, etc, pretty much any kind of strategy activities that are supposed to prove your intelligence. Hence, I can spell like nobody’s business and put words together, but I don’t try that hard to figure out mathematical equations or strategy questions because I don’t like to focus on them. But since I got my Ipad, I have been “wasting time” playing strategy games, and I been trying harder at some basic strategy games and not just giving up the first time I lose. What I am finding is if I “just keep swimming,” if I keep looking at it and trying different things, I can come up with an answer, and the longer I work, the better my answers become.

        This is somewhat of a metaphor for a lot of my adult life. Trying to stay fit, trying to get out of debt, trying to organize myself effectively at work- these are areas where I have been afraid I will fail because the answers are not readily apparent. And yet, as I continue to work toward these goals, new ideas come, and slight shifts are made which improve my overall strategy and outlook. If I “just keep swimming,” I find I am usually reasonably successful at most endeavors. But if I stop, and get discouraged, and give up, I’m out of luck.

So today’s lesson: if it’s not working today, it may work tomorrow. Keep going and looking for new solutions. Just Keep Swimming.


  1. Yes, I keep telling myself that and so far it is working! :0)

  2. The important word is and looking for different ways of doing things. Keep going and be open and humble to learn from anyone at anytime. But keep going. I hope things are going better since you started back in your regular position. Love Mamasita

  3. See like that post. I can never figure out how to post so I finally figured use Sandy's account. Mamasita

  4. Such good advice :D

    I tend to stop too soon as well and one of my goals for this year is to see things through: my novel edits, school, starting a business. These are all things I've been "trying" to do for years. In the wise words from one of my favorite films, "Do or do not, there is no try" (Yoda).

  5. I really like Finding Nemo, too. I appreciate your words of encouragement to keep swimming despite the fact that something might not be working. I needed that reminder. Thanks!
    BTW...I also like Yoda's "Do or do not, there is no try."

  6. Yoda is probably one of the wisest fictional creatures I know:).