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Monday, February 14, 2011

Creators- A Commentary on Message and Medium

For some of us, from the time we are born there is an innate need for output, output, output. Perhaps we are more self-centered, or simply more frenetic, but eventually everything comes down to a need to create. Drawing, writing, singing, creating stained glass, speaking, creating seminars,  all for other people to experience, and sometimes to lend clarity to self and no one else. Is this a universal human trait, or simply one kind of personality, of the artist, the philosopher, the speaker, the performer. Are there people in the world who do not feel the need to make, make, and make? Thing is, we don’t hear from them because they don’t say much!!! Even our studies on extroversion and introversion are skewed by the fact that some folks are much more likely to show up for a university study than others! Perhaps there is a whole world of people out there designed for receiving input, consuming, without the need to take information and materials and spit them back out into an original design for the world to see. Our media and our culture favor the out-putters because they are the ones who designed the mediums!

I don’t know. All I know is that in the meantime, I will write my blog, write my poetry, post on my social networking site, and work toward public speaking, hone my stained glass craft, and sing whenever I’m allowed. Because that is the sort of person I have always been, and want to always be.

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