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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Boundaries and Worship

Two trains of thought I have wanted to commit to the screen. They are unrelated but I will put them together anyways since they have been running on parallel tracks.

Boundaries- written on the eve of deciding to take home a THIRD rescue animal. Yes, I am crazy.

I used to think I had boundaries,
lines in the sand that were imperceptibly drawn with my childish wisdom.

But now, your big brown eyes look into mine and I cannot look away.
You are costly, there is no room for you, and I have already given to two others who take up my day.
But I cannot abandon you to certain death- so some boundaries give way,
and I am going to take you home with me, no matter what people say.

And now for something completely different:

The Total Involvement of Heavenly Worship.

I realized something as I poured out my heart in worship on Sunday. I was enthralled by the image of worshipping the lamb of God after the resurrection, singing out with my fellow believers in the multitude, and I finally figured out WHY we won't be bored.

Bored, you ask? What made you think you'd be bored?
Well, in human form, the idea of singing for an eternity sounds, well, boring, doesn't it? Like I would wonder, when will this be over? Is it time for lunch yet? Ouch, I have a cramp in my leg- will He notice if I sit down?

But when we worship in heaven as believers, our eternal forms will be 100% engaged. There will be no tired feet, no additional mental track to veer us off course, no wishing we were doing something else or counting the time. Every fiber of our heavenly bodies will be wrapped up in what they are made for, the worship of the Lamb. And it will be glorious and we will never grow weary or bored because we are doing exactly what we are made for, unlike now, where we do tons of stuff we aren't made for and have to work and try to be what we are supposed to be, servants of the Most High God.

Perhaps you are thinking, I already knew that, Carolyn. Well good for you:).

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