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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How I can bear living in the world day by day

If there was no God,
no meaning, no hope,
this world would be a graveyard.
Eat, drink, be merry, for all the world's in pain
and there is no tomorrow but death. 

When you work where I work and see what I see
(which is not the worst of things, by any means)
Faith is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

If I did not believe in a loving God with a plan,
then the pain I see everyday would be too much to bear,
and I would sink into meaninglessness to escape.

I once heard a story of a golden prince who never saw poverty, 
sadness, or pain, until it was too late.
I was so sheltered, like that prince,
so safe in my loving cocoon. I did not know, 
could not know, 
that life could hurt so bad. 

So now, you ask, how do I keep my faith?
If I did not have my faith, I would have nothing.
If I did not have my faith, there would be no reason
to get up every morning and try. 

But I believe that God is there-
and He sees and cares,
so much more than I ever can,
for the children in His hands-
so I pray for them, and cry for them,
and leave them there with Him-
I can persevere because I believe in His plan. 

He will return and make all things new,
He will return and end all pain.
He is the source of hope and life, thunder and rain,
all Good things,
even for those who don't, and never will, call on His name. 

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