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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Careers and Kids

     My husband and I were remarking over lunch today how remarkable it is that we parent all day long at our jobs, despite never have been parents. All day long we correct and improve and modify behavior, nuture and protect, and work around the foibles of the children at our jobs, and then we go home to a quiet house. I like to think all this surrogate parenting will help prepare us to be real parents.
      It makes me sad, however, to think of the possibility that I might have to put my kids in daycare when while I take care of a bunch of other people's children all day, if I'm unable to stop working when they come. We are no closer now to me working part time or not working than we were two years ago, and that scares me. I want to be there for my children's childhood.  Right now, working full time is one of the sacrifices I make to support my husband's ministry. I don't feel ill-used for this, pretty much everybody has to work. But I hope and pray for a special dispensation to stay home with my babies. This is my prayer, to be able to be there as they grow up.

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