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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What would you study this time around?

Sometimes I wonder, if I had the opportunity to go back to school and pick a different path, where I might have gone instead. What if I had taken that job profile more seriously and been a librarian? What if I had become a nutritionist to help people heal their bodies instead of just their minds? Or what if I had seriously pursued music and learned how to write it and the technical peices of singing? Or if I had become a teacher like everybody else and had summers off? 

If I could go back to school now, and pick a secondary degree, it would probably be in nutrition or physical education, so I could really round out the mental/physical/spiritual health push which grows to be a greater theme in my life all the time. Lately I've even considered studying medicine, because it would be so handy to know when prescriptions could really help my clients and when they wouldn't.
I think I would also like to go back and get a musical degree to learn how to compose music, or at least to improve my singing ability.
I'd also like to study Theology. I have a secret hope that when my husband goes to Seminary, that I might be able to go, too, and take some classes, possibly get a second Master's degree.
To top it all off, I still want that Doctorate in Psychology so I can become a professor, providing both life experience and book learning in my classroom.

What about you? If you could go back, what would you study this time around?

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  1. Well I would get a degree in drama and be a storyteller and weaver of magic. I would wear outrageous storytelling costumes and jewelry. I would tell stories at Jamison center,bookstores,and libraries. I would go to storytelling conventions. but until then I must be responsible and eat vegetables and fruit but someday when I retire it will be candy and ice cream all the way.